EDC15 vezérlő

Step 1. Reading wiring diagram from ESI Tronic or Autodata
Step 2. The name of his accession dots and his grouping
their functions

Flash Eprom programozó

Step 3. Reading flash and save to HDD
(1*512Kbyte) press here to download.

CAN LOW parancsok

Step 4. Connect the CAN analyzer (to Mercedes High speed bus)
press here to download CAN transmitter setting program (C167 assembler) segment
and press here to viewer program segment (PC Pascal)

EDC15 bekötése a vezérlőpanelon belül

Step 5. Detect ECM basic function and search program segment from saved file.
EDC15 + C166 or C167
older type ECM EDC15C0 +C166 (not embedded CAN controller)

Step 6. Work not sucess ..

EDC15 a két processzor közti vezetékezés