Serial line remote radio (868Mzh) controller 8 DIGIT and 2x(5x4 point DOT Matrix).

Built in digital temperature sensor IC and 2 touch switch. PIC10F206

1. Legrand aluminium type frame. Thermostat application.

Serial line Thermostat celsius

3. Panel layout -click on the image to enlarge-

5. PCB Layout -click on the image to enlarge-

Remote serial line thermostat PCB

5.a. (868Mhz) Radio Panel layout

6. Upper panel programming. -click on the image to enlarge-

PIC10F206 Programmer

Touch Sensor Pic10F206

7. Used components:

8. Source files. PIC assembler, PCAD drawing. Download here. password:serial2008

Each segment,dot matrix,toush sensor is freely programmable.