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Check out our thermostat which you can operate with a single phone call. Call the following phone number +36-70-553-0235 (Actually USA version-Fahrenhit) where a device in an apartment receivers your call automatically. After that type in the following PIN code (2222) and choose between the options of the air conditioner or temperature adjusting.

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New: From the beginning of September custom designed operating unit with touch screen is also available for your device click here...

The touch screen operated unit can be used as a unique termostate without the GSM base unit as well.
GSM thermostat
Thermostat which is adjustable with a single phone call - All you have to do is dial the number of the GSM thermostat and give your PIN code. The device will automatically measure and give you the temperature of the room. After that or in the meantime you can type in the new temperature with using the buttons of your phone. The GSM thermostat sets the new temperature and confirms it.The whole procedure take less than a minute.




Available in Celsius and Fahrenheit Edition!