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New:HWD-02A Voice operated GSM thermostat with signal-measure function.
This device can be called with a mobile phone – can be operated with phone
buttons and voice, additionally the new touch-sensored operating units are
also compatible. The device is available with built-in or external (SMA)
antenna as well. All pre-programmed data is protected from power failure.
160EUR. Available in Celsius and Fahrenheit Edition

Built-in antenna is sufficient if the place of instalment has a strong
signal, if the signal is weak, we recommend to use an external antenna. It
can be a magnet-sole antenna (to the right below 6EUR) with wall-mount
(4EUR) or bigger versions mounted on the roof. Details here..


New: HWD-AP control unit available in different
colours and shape. Details here.. (from 40EUR depend on the diffreent type). Available in Celsius and Fahrenheit Edition.

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All the touch screen operated units can be used as a unique thermostat
without the GSM base unit as well. It can be purchased as a unique
thermostat, OR as an operator unit for the GSM base unit.

*The upgraded version of the older (HWDEV-02) one is available from the
middle of 2010, the 02A type. It is more reliable, advanced construction,
with improved sound quality.


New:Every unit sold from the middle of 2010 has a special lifetime
It means, that during the first year malfunctions will be repaired free of
charge, and in the following years the fee of repairs will include only the
price of the vital parts. This fee is maximised in 23USD per repairs.
Malfunctions are very rare, we have one in 150-200 cases.

It is good to know the “worst scenario” though.

You can check solutions of (normal - works with landline, not with GSM)
international manufacturers for comparison CEM24 or CozyCottage or

GSM thermostat is not available right now at other manufacturers.



Central Units

Antenna(below) and connector at the end of the cable SMA






Every version has the following parts: 1pc. operation and instalment manual
in English. 1pc. network transformator, screws, dowels, and a mask for
ease the wall mount procedure.



Every version can be ordered by mail. The cost of this is from 8EUR. (to
EU, for worldwide shipping we have unique prices, depending on order
value - please contact us)

It means, delivery is possible on the following day of the offer.


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For operation, you also need a SIM card: you can get one at every mobile
provider, prepaid or  with monthly plan. The mobile unit of the thermostat
is not SIM locked, so works with every card of every provider.

VodafoneT mobilePannon


*Prices are net prices, if you buy with receipt, value added tax must be