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About our activity

My name is István Kuhn. I am engaged in planning of the electronic system since 1988. For some years i have got a young society which is capable of making complete science/technical/ projects whatever according to claim. Our aim is to perform such tasks which are claiming individual development of products and where is not only the making but the intellectual work of the planning is also very important. Individual conditions of guarantee will be provided. To four instruments. Inside of these limits we will try to guarantee the faultless working.


kep2(16bit Intel)

Planning of microprocessors or computer realtime picture -,voice -,and data processing systems in the complete PC-Network ,though the ISA-VESA-PCI bus connections. Microprocessors systems " planning mainly with INTEL base.

-Matching and independent peripheries
-I/O links
-A/D and D/A converters ,digital videosystems
-Independent processor or controlling units
-Analog switchers ,matching and controllers
-High frequency radio,-infra sign transmission units
-Optoelectronic instruments



Making of the normal and protected mode controller programs with DOS ,Windows ,base.
Used program languages:
-Hardwer control with Assembler.
The using surface can be C or Pascal subject to the claims. Documentation of the ready instruments and programs with the latest methods.


Making of the complete circuitals with 2-4 pages realization , as agreed with use of the kost up-to-date circuitals and technologies. Full prototype"s development. The ready system"s testing and conditions garantee"s registering.

Within reach:

Kuhn István
Transinvest Budapest KFT.

Budapest 1143 Hungária Krt. 113.